These were SO, SO good.  Served on my favorite naan recipe we couldn't have been more satisfied with dinner.  Earthy and spicy and then fresh cucumbers.  I highly, highly recommend you make some kind of flatbread or buy some pita and whip these up tonight!


At our house, two toddlers and two adults scarfed them down with little more said than, "Yummy" from the kids and "These are so good" from the adults.






Spiced Chicken Shawarma Wraps

Taken from Running to the Kitchen.  Click on that link for full recipe

Notes:  I did not make my own pickles, I used store bought.  And then I thought about how much I like tzatziki on a gyro and ended up offering both cucumbers and pickles.  Both were delicious.  So delicious that I ended up putting both in mine, not sure which I liked better.


Also, I didn't make homemade mayo.  While I've done that before, I didn't have time this day.  Easy solution?  Just one minced garlic clove and 1 T. fresh-squeezed lemon in your store-bought mayo ups the flavor significantly.

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