Enough with the blood and guts and hospitals.  It’s time to give you some all-new breakfast brunch options again. You all know I live for a good Saturday morning breakfast and can’t stand the thought of eating some soggy cereal on my one day when I can start the day at a leisurely pace in the kitchen. With less than leisurely Saturdays as of late, we’ve had to sink to frozen, homemade cinnamon rolls. (I know, who’s complaining, because I love a good cinnamon roll any day; breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert). But in between we’ve managed a few mornings of decadence.


Bananas Foster Crepes

Bananas Foster Crepes_7small


This one really is decadent, considering that it’s a combination of breakfast and dessert. My only trouble was my fear and therefore failing to get the rum to properly ignite in one fell swoop. But I made do with a few little flambes around the pan and had no trouble eating it while the rapidly melting ice cream pooled itself into the caramel-banana topping.


Chocolate & Strawberry Stuffed French Toast



I heard strawberries are already in season in Florida. Well, lucky for them with their swimsuits pulled out of the closet and their beach tote ready to go. Meanwhile, here we just experienced several inches of skull thumping snow on March 29th. (I saw skull thumping because the wind has been blowing and knocking large chunks of ice onto our cars and onto my head as I walked out of church.)




But the good thing is that we’ve been seeing some of those Florida strawberries in our parts of the country and if you can get ‘um fast, they’re pretty tasty. Of course I had to snag some up, since I’m summer-dreamin’, anyway but luckily Saturday was just around the corner and this recipe was on my mind. Maybe I’ve put it on yours now too …



*Photos taken before my fabulous food photography lesson. *Click on recipe title for link to recipe

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