You guys! Cinnamon rolls are in my top three treats in life! I LOVE them! So many memories of Sunday mornings with my mom bring a plate to the table or standing on a stool next to Salome, someone who helped at our house, where she let me punch the dough down between rises.


I've tried countless recipes and of course we always scarf them down but I think I finally found the perfect dough recipe for me ... at least for Quito! The layers stay thick but oh so soft and it's the perfect amount of sweet and gooey when pulled from the oven at the perfect time.





We tried this original recipe with coffee and maple and it was good but I kept the recipe because I love the base of it. Just the dough and then adding traditional cinnamon roll fillings to it. Try it either way - it won't disappoint!!




Coffee Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting from The Modern Proper. 

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