I recently did five days with NO SUGAR. You guys ... that was hard! I love a good treat at the end of the day and I love a fun breakfast to start the day. But recently it's been sugar overload with parties and more parties and lots of time to bake. I needed those five days to de-sugar my body.

But the night before my sugar-free stretch ended I was already thinking about how to reward myself the next morning. And these blackberry scones were the perfect way to to do it. The right amount of flaky, the right amount of crunchy, craggy edges, pleasantly sweet but not cloyingly so. (I nixed the honey butter glaze, finding them perfectly sweet without.)




I was in love and had to work hard to resist eating them for lunch and snack as well.

It's summer so maybe you should find some blackberry love of your own?






Taken from Jam Hands. Click HERE for recipe.


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