Who wouldn't want to make a bundt cake with this cute helper manning the sifter?




This bundt taught me something revolutationary. You see I love a good bundt cake. When they are super buttery and have just the right crumb there is no need for a thick frosting. But I often don't make bundt cakes because well, have you ever tried to unstick a stuck bundt cake? There's just no coming back from it sometimes. I've had to turn more than one bundt into what we will call a cake "mountain" or serve it in the kitchen where individual slicing covers up (some) of the imperfections. 


But did you know that you shouldn't treat a bundt like a regular cake? Don't flip that thing after just ten minutes of cooling. No sirree. Leave it in the pan for an hour and then flip and it's like magic. It really does slide out. Watch out world because I just might become a bundt making machine ...





Recipe taken from Overtime Cook. Recipe found HERE.

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