You all know I'm a scone lover! A good scone lover because there certainly are a lot of bad ones out there. My first scone was a flavorless, dry, crumbly little affair someone had made from a mix, which makes me uncertain why I ever tried but I'm so glad I did!


These strawberry almond scones are right near the top of my scone list! If you don't have a mountain of cream with which to make my VERY favorite scone recipe, then these are your next best option.





They are flaky, crumbly, and filling. I love that they burst with summer flavors but have the complexity of that toasted almond taste.


I also love how adaptable this scone recipe is. I've used the base and swapped out the strawberries and almonds for blueberries and lemon zest in the glaze. (Yum!). I'd recommend trying pecans with peaches or cranberries and white chocolate. The varieties could keep your mouth happy for weeks!





Strawberry Almond Scones recipe taken from Love and Olive Oil. Recipe found here.

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