We celebrated Eden's bday on Saturday with a Pancakes & Pajamas party (separate post to come).  On her actual birthday we celebrated again with family presents, candles in her granola/yogurt parfait and leftover cake and a trip to Bicentenario Park as a family.  Eden couldn't love singing or hearing people sing "Happy Birthday" to her anymore and she loves blowing out candles (she's been practicing for months in pretend parties with Canaan.)



At two, Eden, you are spunky, independent, stubborn, energetic, and tough.  You love singing songs loudly and playing with all of your might.  Despite constant bickering, you're willing to follow your brother to the moon and back.  You're friendly with others and accepting of any kid or adult who comes into our home.  You giggle loudly and wiggle your finger "no" emphatically when you don't want mom or dad to help you with something.  You're joy to our family!



















(Yep, she's turned two for sure.  This is pretty classic Eden these days.  "No!")


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