Totally independent.  Toddles off in the park to mount the teeter totter all by herself despite it being far from Mom or Canaan.  My friends call her "Todo terreno" because she won't have the older kids doing anything without her and thinks she has no limitations. 


When she's had enough of Canaan's intensity she's also happy to toddle off to another room to play by herself for awhile.  Lately Canaan has had a few play dates and things that have given me more one on one time with her.  It's quite a marvel to both Nate and I to have a baby/toddler who does play by herself and chooses to do so at times.


She and Canaan have just started to play better together.  If he can't get either of us to come play, Eden is his next best bet and they'll sit in the yard playing with dirt or out at the yellow table with his cars sometimes for 20 minutes without incident.  She loves to be chased and tries to keep up with her brother.  There is nothing better than the sound of their laughter as they scream and fall and giggle at home or make faces at each other in their car seats.  The first thing she does when you get her up from a nap is ask "Nanaa?"


She is talking a bit more.  Her brother's name is one of her favorites, although she also said, "Pau" as in "Pauli" for the first time yesterday.  She is obsessed with poo: her own and dogs.  So she will point to herself and say "Poo" or stand in the park ignoring all the playground equipment as she points out all the poo on the ground to me.  Possibly her favorite sentence, though, is "No, no, no" with a finger wag thrown in for good measure.


She eats quite well for her age.  We can't complain.  She has a bowl of peas after her nap almost daily and loves them.  She'll eat almost any fruit.  She eats most of what we eat for dinner though chicken is hit or miss and other meats are definite "no"s.  She is far more interested in food than her brother and if she sees something offered she will ask for it.  It's hard to tell when she really is hungry!


Currently she loves to spin and doesn't stop until she is fall-over dizzy.  She also loves to climb on top of any chair or table, falls frequently, and likes to pretend to jump from small ledges.  Stairs are a constant temptation and she's up them in a flash if we leave a baby gate open.  She recognizes the sounds of big vehicles and, through the influence of her brother, is often the one to point out a dump truck or run to the window if she thinks she hears a digger.


She is utterly attached to a blankie her Abuela Taube knitted for her.  About a month or two ago I put it in her crib on one very cold, cold day for a nap.  She burst into tears when she couldn't take it downstairs after her nap and she hasn't let a nap or night go by without begging for it.  Forget a bedtime song, just give me my blankie mom!  I didn't know a kid could form such a strong attachment to a sleep aide a year after taking away any such thing from them.

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