I haven't been as good at posting the milestones since Eden turned one, but she's still growing and changing.


She is walking, running and CLIMBING everywhere.  She's learned Canaan's technique of scooting a chair all around the kitchen and house to get where she wants to go.  She will climb anything, anytime.  My play group friends say, "She counts now."  This is a clear sign she's not a baby anymore but a moving and opinionated toddler.


She isn't the pickiest eater but she isn't the easiest.  And boy can she be obstinate, refusing food she loves if you make her eat one bite of something she doesn't love.  She still sleeps fairly well, except when teeth are coming in (like right now).  They she needs medicine at bedtime or she cries.  Otherwise it's 7p-6a for her and a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.  We've been spoiled by her older brother's need for more sleep always but I think we can safely say she just needs less and that won't change!


She doesn't talk a ton, probably because her brother spends the day talking our ears off and interpreting for her.  She does say mama, papa, hola, moo, bye, agua, woof woof regularly.  She also does an elephant sound and sometimes will identify cluck cluck (duck, duck) or quack quack (dack, dack).  Canaan is very concerned and dying for her to start saying his name but he comforts himself almost daily saying, "Eden can say my name when she's older."  She spends her days signing "more", "eat" and "all done."  And she continues, as she's done since about 8 months old to communicate primarily with earnest head shakes that include raised brows in the no or yes direction.


She's spunky and tough, but cuddly.  She loves her brother like none other and offers many sweet kisses and hugs.  But she also spends her days frustrated by him, alternately screaming or hitting him.  She's fully aware of what a time out is and sometimes puts herself in time out when we are merely telling her is she does something again she will end up there.  I love her to death, can't get enough little baby squeezes in during the day and often marvel at how she can be both so personalitied and yet so very chill when playing.


Nate has commented that he thinks she is a good problem-solver for her age.  I notice that she has perseverance in many things.

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