Let me start by saying that from this day forward I will forever sympathize with my parents for having a child with a December birthday.  Even though Eden's birthday is early December, planning and executing it in between Thanksgiving and flying to the US for Christmas was pretty crazy.  I worked A LOT ahead.  I think I started some of the decor in October and slowly when I had 20 minutes here or there worked on different aspects.  Despite the crazy at the end this was one of the first parties where I felt like I accomplished all of the ideas I'd hoped to incorporate in some small way.  More importantly, it was really fun to think about Eden and do this for her!


Theme: Ice Cream


Photographer: Carla Ackermann (best splurge ever to not have to worry about catching photos while hosting while watching Eden take it all in)


Mixed crowd: English and Spanish speakers, ex-pats, Ecuadorians and Uruguayans, different social circles but it went surprisingly well and I was most impressed with Fransisco and Carol for being really friendly and speaking English with other friends.  It was also just fun to introduce some of our American traditions, like the cake smash, to them.


Food:  Afternoon snacks.  Tomato and Mozzarella Bites, Stuffed Pizza Mushrooms, Goat Cheese and Cranberry Poppers, Popcorn, Watermelon & Strawberries.


Drinks: Sparkling Green Tea Cranberry and Homemade Eggnog (Francisco drank about half the batch and based on this and his appreciation of my Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake I will cook for him any day!)


I loved chatting with my play group friends who feel so comfortable now after almost a year together.  I loved watching Eden perform by walking back and forth between people, something she started doing just shortly before her birthday.  I loved seeing Pauli double-fisting her dessert with a big cupcake in one hand ice cream in the other.  That girl is a sugar nut!  And watching Carol's eyes grow bigger with horror at each new sugary item since she doens't let her kids eat ANY sugar.  I liked watching Carol try to amuse the big kids while the babies played in the circle.  And the horror of my latin friends for letting Eden sit outside with no shirt on.  I liked watching Canaan be a classic big brother and take over all of Eden's toys.  (He still says that this bath penguin was a gift to HIM from Pauli.)  I liked that the party was short and non-stressful because we didn't plan it to be something huge.


Eden's cake smash was totally anti-climactic.  She never got into it and was mostly interested in ripping the cone off the cake.  She doesn't much like sugar and she doesn't like things with texture like bread ... or cake.


Here's party pics and because I couldn't narrow down favorites I'll do a second post of her birthday photo shoot!















































0 #1 Emily 2013-01-09 13:56
I literally feel like saying a bad word when I see all these pictures. WHAT KIND OF CAMERA IS THIS? Did he set up something to get the light like that? Did he have a huge flash? They are awesome! I love the ones of Eden in the high chair and that one of you laughing with the ice cream pops. I wish we could have come--it looked like fun! Edie would have smashed something for sure. :) And I am still waiting to see your family pics...hope we can touch base tomorrow.

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