Love how she smiles and makes herself laugh.  Love how she is toddling around.  Love how she is starting to hold her own with her brother.  She's going to keep him on his toes.  Love her mischievous peek-a-boo face.  Her gap-toothed smile.  Love crawling around behind her and watching her collapse in giggles before she can get away.










And for my records, she is walking now.  It happened about 1.5 weeks before she turns one.  Not just taking steps but walking.  (I call it walking when they initiate taking steps on their own and can actually get somewhere).  Also for my records is the fact that within about a day of walking, she started pulling herself onto her feet from the floor.  No chair or rail or anything needed.  It took Canaan about four months of walking to get to this point.  She learned it all at once.



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