Eden, you turned 11 months old and now you're almost a year!  We took your monthly pictures but I'll be posting them late since I'm keeping them under wraps for now :)  


You love to giggle and often times you'll crack yourself up without any help from us.  You've been sick a lot and then you are clingy but when you aren't sick, you are happy as a clam to scoot, crawl and explore ... as long as one of us is within sight.  You don't like anyone else to hold you and you'll start sobbing almost immediately.  You're less curious than your brother, but you're more determined and persistent when trying something new.  


You give high fives to your dad, you shake your head "no" and the other day I swear you sang "Roll over, roll over" along with Canaan's song.  You love your brother but you also know he's not quite safe.  Lately you are holding your own more with him and you demand your toy back.  He loves to see you, asking where you are in the morning.  He's paranoid you'll steal his toys but he also wants you to play with him.  He's also constantly trying to do what you do.  Demonstrating he knows where his head is all over again.  Trying to "walk" to us or walk holding onto our fingers.  He's started signing "more" as we encourage you to do it.  You've finally caught onto this sign though it's more of a clap with you.  We'll take it though!  


You've started taking steps and this morning were asking to do it by yourself.  You are learning to balance standing.  


You've got lots of nicknames that nobody would ever call you but us:  "Lil-E", "Ee-ster", "Ee-ster Leester", "Edes" and more.  Fortunately you respond to all of them.  


You now hate chicken which you formerly loved.  You don't like soft bread and prefer preservative-filled wheat bread toasted and off mom's plate.  When you are sick you eat like a bird and when you aren't you make up for it with double meals.  I stopped nursing at 10.5 months not because I was ready but because I got a bad bacterial infection that required some heavy meds.  

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