At ten months you love to pull up on anything and try to walk along it.  At times you let go just for an instant.  You can stand (sometimes) for 10 seconds on your own before collapsing to the floor.


You are on Day 6 of a fever.  You are miserable. 


You are really finicky about food.  One day you love pears, the next day you hate them.  And on it goes.  We never know.  You'd much rather be hungry than eat something you don't like today or drink an extra bottle.  You point one little finger and wave us away if it's something you don't want.  You also love to use that pointy finger to point at us and love when we point back. 


You've learned that your brother often is rough and so you've taken to screaming when he gets near you regardless of the intended action on his part.  And OH do you hate when someone takes away the toy you want.  But the two of you love to take baths together and splash around and you're generally a good sport when he dumps a cupful of water over your head.


You can say Momma and Papa'.  You know what a kiss is and lean in and then make smacking sounds.

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