My pediatrician is always very exact about how old she is.  Otherwise I'd have no idea about those 27 days. 


I got a big, "Good job Mom," from our doctor because Eden has gained considerable weight.  She now weighs 16 lbs, 5 oz. which puts her in the 25th percentile.  (Up from about the 1st percentile on our last visit).  I forgot to note how long she is now.  (Canaan weighed 18 lbs at this age.)


She has three teeth (2 on bottom and one on top) and the fourth is working on making its appearance.  She is still nursing but I think we're shortly coming to the end of that, despite my efforts to continue.  She seems to be weaning herself and so probably in the next week or so we'll be down to just two feeds: wake up and bedtime.  That was the pediatrician's recommendation.  And he wants her to start eating chicken.  What is with pediatrician's here being so pro meat-eating?  They all push it and think it's strange that I don't.


She's much pickier about food than we remember her brother being.  She hates banana, she hates food that is lukewarm or cold and she is very fickle.  She'll eat broccoli one day and refuse it the next.  And once she's determined she doesn't want to it, there is no getting bite past her clenched mouth.  No amount of airplanes, giggles or anything else will help. 


We got the okay and referral to go see a plastic surgeon for a consultation so that is the next thing on her list.  Not looking forward to that!


We've probably been a lot less proactive with introducing new things to Eden and we need to get on top of that.  I guess because we know she's our baby we haven't pushed her to grow up at all.  With a toddler around there's no sense of wanting Eden to get older too.  But we haven't really introduced a sippy cup at all, haven't started introducing little cut up bits of food or anything like that so we probably need to, especially considering we're still fighting her brother to eat solids.


Naps have gotten much better since getting back to Quito and being in her own bed regularly.  She generally has one naps that is almost two hours and then the other one is just over an hour.  She's been taking only two naps a day since she was 7.5 months old.

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