Even before you were born, as we were waiting for you we planned to have you dedicated.  Since we don't really have a home church and family here in Quito yet, we dedicated you at New Life Lakeview on July 29th.  Though this isn't the church we attend every week now, it's still our church home and we still feel a big sense of community and support there.  That's what we wanted part of your dedication to be about.


We chose the 29th because we wanted as much of your family there as we could get.  It just so happened that your Aunt Kimby, Uncle FP and Jordan were in town for a reunion and your Abuelo and Abuela were in town for some birthday celebrations.  Along with them Matt, Laura and baby Ariela were there as well.  Your family loves you!


You have a lot of friends who love you too, though, just because you are our little baby.  The Runyans and Smils made the effort to skip their church and come to ours to watch your small ceremony and we so appreciated it. 


The week before you were dedicated I thought, "I would love if Nate's letter to Eden could be read to you then."  But I put it out of my mind because I hadn't communicated that to Pastor Kevin at all.  But when we got up on stage with you, Kevin had printed out that letter and read it!  For  me, it was just the perfect little present to make your dedication perfect.  I loved that we could speak into your life through that letter, that Kevin could pray over us as your parents and over you as a child who belongs to God.  I love, loved that friends and family got to be involved and were able to participate in prayer over you and stand as a visual means of support for you and our family.  You are loved.  From the start.  You are loved little E!














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