At eight months old your bag of tricks is growing.  You wave in response to us waving or if we ask if you can say "Hi."  It's a cute wave that always turns out sideways.  You can also clap when asked and sometimes clap when we exclaim that you or Canaan have done a good job.


While you've been rocking on all fours routinely for about a month now, just this past week we've had official "take-off" and you are moving forward.  You're crawling.  Albeit slowly.  Yesterday you had no toys but were happy to amuse yourself by crawling a few feet one way and then heading back the other way.  You really like to crawl toward crumbs on the floor (thanks to your big brother) and try to put those in your mouth.  I don't remember Canaan's pincer grip to be so developed at this point.  You're able to get a crumb, cheerio, acorn top and many other things from the floor into your mouth successfully in one try.  You are also starting to pull up on things if they are short enough to get you to a kneeling position.


You and your brother like to talk back and forth in shrieks of laughter.  He crunches up his little face and shrieks and you shriek right back.  It's been pretty helpful, albeit loud, on road trips.  I find your love for your big brother and Canaan's care and interest in you equally adorable.


Finally at about 7.5 months I weaned you from your dream feed and after a brief wake up the first two nights, you are sleeping fully through the night.


0 #1 Nona 2012-08-21 15:14
Really sweet.

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