At six months you've really got the rolling thing down.  You started rolling front to back and back to front and now you can go on either side.  You've figured out you can get places this way ... like over to your brother's car that you want to put in your mouth.  


You took your first plane ride using your brand new passport.  It was a doozy.  Quito to Atlanta to Chicago and about 36 hours later Chicago to Boise.  You much prefer to sleep in your bed than in someone's arms so you didn't love the night flight.  


Now at almost seven months you are just starting to be less content rolling or laying on the floor.  You want to MOVE.  You push your little arms out and flail.  Sometimes you get your bum high in the air but you haven't yet figured out how to do it all at once.  Update:  Forgot to note that you are able to sit up by yourself now.  Many times I have to spot you or you fall straight back when you aren't noticing but you can do it for a few minutes at a time.


You are gaining weight in leaps and bounds.  We haven't weighed you but you've got a double chin now and you're just heavy.  You are finally wearing 3-6 month clothes at 6 months of age.  For the first time you demand food and get hungry.  This is since the new diet of 3 bowls of rice cereal a day that your pediatrician asked for.  He must have woken up your hunger and now you eat!  You like the bath, splashing in the pool, and any food as long as it's warm.  When you giggle it's so high pitched that it sounds like you are really scared.  You love, love to get your little fingers in your brothers hair and start tugging.  He hates this and says, "Eden, don't do that please."   But that hasn't stopped you yet.  And he hasn't stopped getting his head close enough for you to grab it because he loves giving you kisses or trying to make you laugh by making faces about 1 inch from your face.  

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