Somehow you became five months old in the blink of an eye.  You went from being a little, snuggly newborn with not a care in the world other than a warm place to sleep to a delightful little, still snuggly baby who loves to be apart of whatever the family is doing.  At dinner time now you don't want to sit in your little chair on the floor because you can't see anything.  But you're happy to be in the bumbo on top of the table where you can watch your brother's antics.  


You are full of smiles for mom and dad but it takes anyone else a lot of work to get anything other than a solemn stare out of you.  You giggle when I nuzzle your neck and oh how you love to flirt at the beginning and end of naps.  I lay you down on your little belly and then as I sing quietly to you you push up as far as you can, crank your head to side and smile as big as you can.  As soon as I smile back you fall back down to the bassinet and then do it all over again, kicking your little legs behind you.  


You are so, so calm and content.  The only time you get fussy is at the end of the day when you are tired and cranky but still need to eat.  Otherwise you are content to play (chew) on a lion or giraffe and watch your brother twirl circles around you.  And yes he does that.  He is obsessed with you.  He asks where you are whenever you are asleep.  I'm so glad that with your sweet little personality there is still a little "tough" in you.  Because that boy loves to do a swan dive right into your lap in your swing.  He stays there and nuzzles your face and flails your hands and though he's in every corner of your personal space you just smile back at him and try to pull his hair.  He loves to hold you and it's never very gently although we always tell him to be and still you just smile.  


You just started eating real food which has helped you be a little happier before bed time.  You've eaten rice cereal, banana and avocado and are happy to eat all three.  You had to give blood a few days ago and while I hovered over you like a nervous wreck as they searched around for a vein, you took it like a pro.  You gave one little frown as the needle went in and then sat there perfectly happy while they squeezed your hand and pushed around until they got 6 little droplets of blood.  


You might not be as extroverted as your brother because in the past month you can get quite upset if someone else holds you.  But you're fine the minute you are back with your mom or dad.  


I love your quiet joy and the sense of peace you bring to our family.


Love, Mom


0 #3 Nona 2012-05-17 20:36
I don't know how anyone can think she looks like her mom. She has pure Taube written all over her face and head shape! This is a sweet picture and blog.
0 #2 Junglewife 2012-05-16 22:34
She is a doll! I love that her ears are pierced! Both of our girls have pierced ears, too. It is the culture here as well. I got Claire's pierced at only 6 weeks old, after she had her 1st set of shots, right before we came back to Indonesia. :-)
0 #1 Bump Pa 2012-05-16 17:14
Please! I am no longer a baby! You said so yourself! Please give me my own tab! "Eden's Garden" - it has a nice ring to it. Next request...the car keys. Tab, then keys...Sincerel y, Eden Rayne

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