Just for the records, I need to make note that Eden rolled over for the first time last Saturday (about 4 months, 1 week).  Her dad saw the whole thing in live action since I was washing dishes and he had Canaan on the potty with Eden right between us on her ladybug/flower activity mat.  She was pretty surprised to find herself on her back but did it two more times before rolling a little too hard and knocking her head on the tile.  


We made a little bit too big of a deal out of it though because now if I leave Eden alone for an instant Canaan goes over to her and "rolls" (pushes her) onto her back in one big, non-gentle flip.  He's very proud when he does it for her and she is very, very stunned.


*Update:  I should also note that she has been sleeping in her own room since our return from Papallacta (right around 4 months).  It has been so, so nice to have our room back, to be able to go to bed normally and not tiptoe around trying to find our things.  And so far Eden and Canaan don't seem to be waking each other up ... thanks largely to their fans.  Eden sleeps from about 7p-6:30am with one dreamfeed around 10pm.





Seconds after her first roll over, in the kitchen while I was washing dishes and Nate was reading books to Canaan on his potty.

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