At seven weeks you are adjusting well to this world.  About two weeks ago you started really smiling at us.  Now you will do a little coo to if we're lucky.  We think the smiles are real instead of a reflex now because you smile even when we are making a different face.


You are eating well, every 3 hours and in between, if you wake up early (which you often do) you can just sit and watch and suck on your nuk for hours.  You've taken to that like a fish to water!  Your day time sleep has been pretty bad lately.  You sleep for 40 minutes tops.  And after 3pm you want nothing more to do with naps so sometimes you are just up for four hours.  


But you are sleeping well at night, which is the most important.  For the past 3 weeks you have gone to bed between 7 and 7:15 (at this point your brother was hard to get to sleep by 11pm!).  You wake twice in the night but eat and are back asleep within 20 minutes usually.  We're pretty thankful for that.


You spent last weekend out at a retreat center and got spoiled rotten by all of the adults wanting to hold you.  You took naps in people's arms and were just held non-stop.  You loved it and were pretty quiet throughout all of the meetings.


Two weeks ago we put away most of your newborn stuff because your arms and legs are getting too long for it.  You are growing like a weed but we won't know what you weigh til your next doctor's appt.


0 #1 Grandpa Geeen! 2012-01-29 11:07
I am now 7 weeks old. 7 weeks! You've had 7 weeks (not to mention the months -9 of them- before I arrived, TO MAKE ME AN "Eden's Garden" TAB on your blob! Canaan has a tab. The office has a tab! Do I get any consideration? Well, not in 7 weeks I haven't! Shame on you...I'm going back to being cute!

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