Something your dad wrote for you on the day you were born.


"We named you Eden so you will always remember that God wants to have perfect communion with you like he had with Adam and Eve. He created a place just for humanity to be with him. We want you to seek him out. Listen to him. Talk to him. 


Just like the Garden we want your life to be a place of constant communion with God, where you can walk with him in the cool of the evening, as normal as with any other friend.


We want you to remember that even though Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, it didn't stop God’s ridiculously loving pursuit of humanity.  He is pursuing you now, from your first day of birth. He wants to have a deep friendship with you.


We want your life to be a garden of Eden for others. We want you to seek out people. Live in the mess with people and give them relief. Bring peace, harmony, love into others’ lives. Not because you possess them outright but because of your relationship with Christ. Show them that they can create an Eden in this world through their relationship with Christ. Though things are hard they can have unspeakable joy because they have God. You can be the catalyst for that.  


We named you Eden because we want you to enjoy life. The garden was a perfect place to live. Live life and don’t hide form it. Risk. Love. Eat good food. Travel. Have phenomenal friendships. Pour into people. You won't regret doing those things. 


We called you Rayne...because it sounds good with Eden. But also because you were born in Quito. When the rainy season was starting up. We want you to remember your roots.  Be proud to be Ecuadorian. But much more than where you happen to be born, remember that your roots are with God. He created you. Choose to be proud about Christ and your "nationality" that has nothing to do with earthly borders." 



0 #6 Andrea 2012-01-04 13:37
Wow... I just mentioned the name Eden Rayne to my cousin yesterday and she googled it and found this site. This has been a name that I have loved for more than 10 years! and hope to name a little girl one day. I've never seen anyone use it nor spell it the same way! It's such a beautiful name, I am sure it fits a beautiful baby girl and eventaully a beautiful woman of God. Congratulations !!!
0 #5 Uncle Dave and Aunt Karol 2011-12-12 14:13
Very good! May God's hand of blessing always rest upon her, and may she bless many in the years to come. Congratulations !
0 #4 Aunt Beth 2011-12-09 17:55
....your beautiful baby girl has a wonderful beginning on this earth with Daddy and Mommy who have their roots deep in Christ, reflected in the choice of her name. She is already rich in so much!
0 #3 Mom 2011-12-09 14:38
How thoughtful you are, even in your name-choosing. You are living life deliberately and desiring that for your children. We love you and can't wait to meet Eden.
0 #2 Gillian 2011-12-09 14:28
That made this pregnant mama all teary-eyed. I love it that you wrote this for Eden on her first day of life! I know she will always cherish it. So happy for you two!
0 #1 Grandpa Jordan 2011-12-09 12:11
Fun to read! Great to understand the deep meaning underneath your choices!

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