Eden is 7 now! She has lost 2 teeth and is dying to lose more. She is obsessed with reading Thea Stilton books and we can't keep enough books in the house to keep her interested. She enjoys being pulled out of English a few times a week to work with Mrs. Meyers on problem-solving and other things that challenge her. Her best friends are Evangelina and Corban and I love her utter confidence in these friendships. She is feisty and an utter goofball and spends a lot of time fake laughing at her own jokes. She continues to work hard at ballet and is good at concentration and perseverance. She does have a tendency to be hard on herself and believe that other people are thinking negative things about her, so we help her check her assumptions. She has grown in kindness, helpfulness and selflessness this year. She still loves to swim in the waves almost more than anything else. She has become pickier with her eating and still eats incredibly slow. But she LOVES to help in the kitchen and to "graze," eating almost anything off of the countertop if it's chopped and waiting. It is her great delight to eat raw onions just because she knows how much I hate them. She is fiercely competitive, with all the good and bad that comes with that. I am so thankful for this little bundle of energy we get to celebrate!






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