What a fun party! Eden's party always feels a bit stressful because it falls right in between trips, as my semester is ending and holiday stuff is starting. But I thoroughly enjoyed this one as we continue to find ways to make things simpler while still making them so special for the kids! Eden was set on a Thea Stilton party and we loved the unique idea! We picked all her friends up from school and had a carful of screamers on our way home.

To start the party, there was a scavenger hunt that these mouse detectives had to go on in order to find their party food. They loved tearing around trying to find clues, even down at our car in the garage. We played some non-mouse games just for fun, such as the shaving cream and cheeto challenge and eating a donut from a string. Mac'n'cheese and mouse cupcakes that I made in my first fondant attempt rounded out the party. It's so fun to do these things and realize your kids have great friends. Eden sure does! Happy 7th birthday!











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