Birthday day involved a happy birthday song wakeup and pink french toast with sprinkles. We also gave her a birthday present that morning: her very first bike. She had just learned to ride a few weeks ago on her friend's bike so she was thrilled to have her own. She loved the carrying basket and also the giant bow which she insisted on keeping on the bike. She spent time in the yard with Olivia, our neighbor's dog that she loves. That afternoon we just enjoyed each other and took the kids to the park to bike around. She proudly showed off her new skills.

At six Eden is already reading (pretty much self-taught since they don't push that til the end of kindergarten here). She continues to practice ballet twice a week and enjoys her new class and has made new friends there. She loves time with Olivia and on her bike. Her best friend this year is Corban, a new boy who came, and they are attached at the hip and also fiercely competitive. Her PE teacher says that all he has to do to make her run faster is to tell her that Corban is beating her. She has also reported that they are boyfriend/girlfriend and plan to get married and change their babies diapers together. She is very vocal about this at home but has made Canaan promise to not talk about it at school. She loves singing to her dollies and being a teacher during rest time. She also loves coloring but now spends more time writing - on paper, toilet paper, in books. Everywhere!

She continues to be a leader in her class and over her brother. She is perfectionistic in oh so many ways and therefore never gets in trouble at school. She struggles with selfishness but we are beginning to see some glimmers of growth in this area. She has a wicked sense of humor and even though she sometimes doesn't know why what she said was funny, she is great at reading a crowd and realizing when she is hitting her comedic marks and will keep going. She is wild, giggly and has a million expressive faces for us at home, but will often hide behind my arm or let Canaan take the lead in bigger/newer groups. She rarely matches and rarely combs her hair if not asked. She is stubborn and if she loses a privilege she is likely to act as though this has zero effect on her. She is our baby who is growing up and we love her oh so much. She brings joy to our home, insight to me as she is so like me in many ways, and constant entertainment for her brother's many creative ideas.







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