In between my trip to the Galapagos and our end of semester Beach Debrief we squeezed in Eden's birthday party. I'm learning to keep it super simple at that time of year because not only do we have all the holiday craziness that any family has, but add on all of the end of semester trips and activities and a birthday and well, there isn't a lot of time for extras! Fortunately kids are so delighted with little things.

I bought US candy last summer in anticipation of a candy birthday theme and Eden was overjoyed with the idea. We picked 5 of her friends and her up after school one afternoon and brought them home. Pauli and Agus joined later. Honestly, we let them just go crazy with their own explorations of our house and toys for a solid 45 minutes before doing anything "birthday" and that worked just fine. The kids decorated sugar cookies with little plastic containers full of more candy than mine usually eat in a month. They also did a game using straws and chocolate chips, unwrapping seran-wrapped candy with mittens and dice and one more I can't remember. We did a piñata, stromboli and then cake! Of course cake! Eden was a great hostess and engaged her friends well. Canaan enjoyed chasing Romina around our backyard. And after 2.5 hours Nate and I were totally happy to grab their backpacks and hand them off to parents as they rang the doorbell! Easy, low-stress and just what our little girl wanted.




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