A kitty party ... but NOT Hello Kitty Mommy. 

That was the request.




She waited a few weeks to celebrate so that her cousins could be in town for the bash! She's been lucky to have a set of cousins with her for two years running now. For me, this has been a year of chosing simplicity in these types of events as I have less margin to plan and prep with my current job. But one thing I've learned is that my kids feel celebrated and special with even the simplest of days and I want to foster that!



We went to Mr. Joy with cousins plus Zeke & Damari, Dome & Martin, Pauli & Agus. It's always a hit and other than Rajah peeing in the nerf gun area it was an easy plan! 



Back to our house for a few appetizers (basil pesto scrolls and sun dried tomato scrolls) and a lemon Kitty birthday cake. Pinata and presents and we called it a day! It was fun to have my family finally get to meet some of our closest friends here and I am continually grateful for a family that all speaks Spanish, making it easy to integrate into our life here.


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