At five you are showing lots of your fun, spunky, silly personality. While you aren't as outgoing in a crowd or around new people as your brother is, when you are comfortable you are a character. Your facial expressions and your eye rolls constantly cause us to crack up around the dinner table. You are thriving academically.

You are a leader in your class academically and socially ... and maybe a wee bit bossy. You have a best friend named Romina and you have seamlessly integrated into your class despite being the only English first language student. You are committed and persistent with ballet though you only like to practice in class and never want to demonstrate for people. This year your perfectionism (inherited straight from your mom) is starting to show and you try to cover any mistakes and get terribly upset when people see you being less than perfect. If you fall you always insist you are fine until the attention is off of you and then you will turn and sob quietly into my leg. We are trying to make sure you know you are loved, mistakes and all, and that those things don't need to be hidden because people that love you will embrace those parts of you.

You love Jesus and you will tell anyone who asks that your favorite story is when Jesus died on the cross and your favorite person in the Bible is Mary because she is Jesus' mother. You ask lots of deep questions. You also care deeply and feel deeply about people and you've had some real sadness with losing Grandpa Puffer and Grandma Taube this year. You have lots of questions about death and heaven.

This year we decided to save your birthday celebration til your cousins came to town (later post!). This was a super fun and super convenient idea since your birthday fell right at the end of my semester and in between a lot of travel. But we made sure the day felt special with door decorations, kitty sprinkle pancakes for breakfast and kitty chocolate chip cookies to share with your classmates. You got to eat at Top Ten and get as many refills on fries as you wanted.


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