Eden has been asking to take ballet classes for almost a year now. The plan was to start in January but I just couldn't figure out how to manage work, rushing off to class and then home for dinner before Nate leaves by 7. We don't have any margin to eat late with his work schedule if we want to eat together so it just didn't happen. This summer I was determined and I'm so glad I made it happen! I *think* it gave me enough motivation to find a way to keep it going this school year.

Eden you kind of blew me away with this. I took ballet for a really short time when I was little and I don't remember having any instinct for it and not much excitement either. Your class is not just play, there is a strong emphasis on focus, concentration and "work." I thought maybe after two classes you would tire of it. But you adored it from day one. And it was amazing to see your skill level jump exponentially from class 1 to 2 to 3. You loved every minute of it and didn't mind the work. You keep a high level of concentration that your teacher appreciates. On days we didn't have ballet you would ask to go through the whole stretching, positions, etc. in our backyard. Canaan was eager to try but became half-hearted quickly! 

The other thing that surprised me is your flexibity. By your third class your teacher was using you to demonstrate to the others. That flexibility definitely doesn't come from my genes ... but it did motivate me to start stretching enough to be able to touch my toes. 

I also want to remember Antonella, the little girl in turquoise in the bottom photo, in your class. She is a full head shorter than you and each week one or two moms would ask how old she was because even though her nanny told us 4, none of us believed it and we just kept asking to confirm. But her mom came one day and confirmed that she is indeed 4. She was quiet and reserved. Her gross motor skills were more like an early 3 year old and again, she is just so tiny. But you loved her and you took it upon yourself to become her teacher, directing her, and always picked to partner with her for the dance routine at the end. It was pretty funny to watch you skip arm in arm because you are so much bigger and sturdier than her and you would just sort of yank and pull her along while she looked on balefully. But I loved your heart to care for someone you thought might need it.




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