This girl has gone baby bonkers!


For years she overlooked any baby doll given to her. It would get a cursory play the first day and then end up at the bottom of her toy trunk. Until four (or maybe 3.8). Now she can't enough of the babies, either real or in doll form. She pretends to be pregnant constantly, loves to act out the story of Mary and Joseph, and is known to ask anyone about a belly they might have (whether pregnant or not - yikes!) The truth is she only likes real babies til they start crying. Then she thinks they should go away. But she likes them in theory.


Baby "Stella" is her favorite. Stella can be found in her tummy, nursing at her "booboos", sleeping beside her in bed, taking a "nap" or being shushed and sung to by her mommy, Eden. Eden also likes to babywear her on walks and give her time with her "Grammy" (me.) It's adorable how sweet and nurturing she is to Stella. It's not so adorable when she sleeps "pregnant" (see below) and then wakes up at 10pm because of course we all know it's uncomfortable to sleep with a baby in your belly! Stella is now officially born and has her own crib to make sure this doesn't happen again.


IMG_20160210_170721636 IMG_20160213_080326675





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