On Eden's actual birthday we took cupcakes and a pinata to her Alouette class. But first she had breakfast and a photo shoot with her brother at home. It was also a parent participation day at Alouette so first I went and made a Christmas craft with Eden and then Nate and I returned to celebrate her at craft time. Probably Eden's most favorite birthday gifts were her two ballet outfits and her first pair of ballet slippers. She wore these in rain and shine, modesty be darned! We even let her wear it to school for her bday. 


Eden, You are spunk and light. Headstrong and courageous. Curious and questioning. Sassy. You like to be right. You don't like to admit that you've done anything wrong ... even if it's an accident. You deny, deny until you decide to burst into loud tears. You welcome others. You love playing with all your and Canaan's friends combined and you hold your own with the older ones. You love to make up worlds in your head and play by yourself. You love babies and being a mommy. You love singing to them, shushing them, changing their clothes (and yours) frequently, and giving them consequences. Getting you to wear all your cute shoes is a battle because if they aren't totally girly (aka dress shoes in pink) then you think they are "ugly." You will always  make a funny place to try to deflect from a consequence of your own. You love your brother deeply and fiercely and yet you often take advantage of his big, caring heart. You love sugar and chocolate and bread. But also zucchini and salad and asparagus and broccoli. You love eating plain butter when it's on the end of a knife, or salt off the counter, or even baking soda. You'll try anything. You have about 1,001 questions about Jesus and you like hearing gruesome details of a story. You love sweating in your bed under 4 layers of blankets and you want to carry "Pinkie" (your blanket) everywhere with you. You have no desire to stop sucking your fingers. Eden we love you, we celebrate four years of getting to enjoy you, and we are so thankful that God put YOU in our family.



Tights with a hole = classic Eden




See the boy with the black eye next to her? Daniel. Eden gave him that black eye about a week prior when he ran straight into the back of her head after she stopped walking.




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