This girl was ready to rock it! Being in the oldest preschool class, knowing her classmates and many teachers she was beyond excited to start back. She was excited to be a "Pulpo," (octopus) instantly loved her teacher who she nows calls "Diany" or "Dianita."

She felt a little lost at the beginning of the year because her two best friends (Ari and Anto) left to start preschool at their elementary school. She was one of three girls in a class of 15. But she adjusted quickly to playing with the boys and since then her class has picked up a few more girls that she enjoys. Her teacher comments on her respectfulness and obedience. 

At home she is spunky, stubborn and sweet. This is the first year where we are seeing a bit more fire from her. She wants nothing more than to have hair down to her toes and wear nail polish and chapstick each day.


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