Eden's nursey school has some fun traditions to incorporate grandparents. Super fun ... except that Eden's grandparents can never be there. Fortunately she is still young enough to think it's special to have her mom come with her instead. For Grandma's they host an event called "Cuentos con Chocolate" (Stories with Chocolate) which is a pajama party where grandmother's are asked to bring a story to read, the kids bring their blankets and pretend to all go to sleep together and then they pass out bizcochos with hot chocolate. Eden was super excited and loved showing her pj's to her teachers. She packed her favorite pink blanket and Fifi. We snuggled up together for story time and she listened closely. She grabbed the biggzed handful of bizcochos and shoved them in her mouth as quickly as possible, worried I might eat her bizcochos up! At the end of the evening she started scooting closer to someone else's grandma and eventually snuggled her way into that grandma's lap (her friend had two grandma's with him!) delighting that grandma. She would have loved to have her own grandma's there but found a way to make it work! 








With her Profe Majo

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