At three, Eden, you are silly and cuddly. You wake slowly and love to stay in your bed with your blanket. You just might be an infinitely analytical, reflective thinker like your mom and Nona. Your temper is fierce and you let it be known with loud protests against your brother. But your love for him and us is great too and you can't stand the idea of missing out on a hug or time together. One of your farvorite things to do with me is "soft kisses" when you gently kiss me and then we both must exlaim "oooh" together. You love rubbing my back as your ride in your seat on the back of the bicycle. 

You love to act like a baby, using your baby voice, and refusing to walk around. But you also love being the "mommy" who is tending to her sick kid or feeding her baby. You sing constantly, either songs you know or songs you make up. You often don't want to be observed when you are singing and prefer us to face away from you. You are brave and strong. You love people, parks, and princesses. We love you dearly!

For your birthday I woke up early and made you funfetti pancakes. Canaan excitedly helped me decorate your high chair. You stood proudly at your bedroom door as we opened it to sing Happy Birthday and greet you in the morning. You opened presents when we had a spare moment throughout the next few days and we took you out for ice cream at Chicberry for a birthday treat before sleeping overnight at the Reicherts while our house was being fumigated.
















Wearing some new Peppa the Pig presents

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