Eden participated in her first Christmas program at Alouette. She has been singing the songs for weeks at home and we got a little preview of the program while they practiced at school and we set up for her birthday party with classmates. The day of she was super excited about it. While she had no trouble being up in front of all the parents with cameras and big smiles she did find herself quite distracted by it all and spent much of the program sucking her two fingers and looking at all of the people instead of singing. As long as she isn't one of the kids sobbing for mom and dad from the stage we'll take it!

She was a bit more intimidated of Santa this year but when she realized treats were part of the deal she was happy to sit on his lap.


















0 #1 Emily Runyan 2015-01-03 21:49
um perfect shirt for a little reindeer. I like to see things my girls would never wear on other kids. Especially things I liked.

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