Eden started nursery school at Allouette on September 2nd. She has been thrilled about the idea of starting school and was especially excited after attending a one week summer camp there with her brother. We purposely had them do the camp together so that Eden could ease into "school" with her brother by her side. Predictably though, it was no big deal to her and she loved summer camp and has loved attending school 3 times a week for about four hours a day.


She has her teacher (and many other teachers) wrapped around her finger. Though they report that she jumps into every activity and plays with her class, she has yet to show any real interest in "friends." She's more interested in the adults around her. Some days she surprises us with being able to remember 3 or 4 different activities that she did at school. She loves wearing her backpack and feeling big and runs to grab it in the mornings.


We were especially grateful for the good care and training at Allouette two weeks ago when a mom gave Eden a gumdrop that she ended up choking on. Her teacher recognized her distress immediately and an administrator performed the Heimlich effectively. What could have been very scary was over in a matter of seconds. Eden is no worse for the wear and she is quite clear on the fact that she should only accept candy and gum from her own parents.









I know every parent thinks so, but this little girl couldn't be more gorgeous to us! I'm having a hard time thinking of her as a girl and not a baby and my eyes still see the baby parts of her instead of the legs and hair growing longer and her slimmer, toddler look.



0 #1 Emily 2014-09-24 02:33
aw...and one of my favorite outfits! Glad she was saved from the gumball! She is definitely looking more grown up.

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