At 2.5 Eden is a strongwilled, happy, outgoing little girl.  She is currently attached to her bear "Fifi" and has begun doing more imaginary play that involves nurturing activities like putting Fifi to sleep or soothing Fifi when she cries.  Eden sleeps with about 5 stuffed animals in her small crib, as well as her two blankets.  And she notices when one is missing.  Just two weeks ago I convinced her she no longer needs a sleep sack meant for an 18 month old.  if she doesn't remember to tell you that she has an owie somewhere on her body before you shut the door for bedtime you'll hear wailing 5 minutes later and then she's fine again as soon as she has announced an owie to a parent.  She's a cuddler and still likes to be held just to be held.  After nap she loves to stay in her crib with either of us and just rest on us for another 15 minutes even though she's been awake for a long while already.


She is potty trained (at 2 years, 2 month) but we still put a diaper on her for naps and night.  Usually it's dry but because she plays in her room for about 45 minute after wakeup we let her keep the diaper since no one is coming in to give her the opportunity to use the bathroom.  She was SO EASY to potty train.  We had no time to really focus on it so by the end of the first day she was going all on her own.  Benefit of an independent little girl!


Her dinner time eating has gotten worse and some nights she only eats three bites.  But it seems to have nothing to do with a dislike of food.  Possibly her favorite activity is being in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking.  She'll dip her finger and taste plain flour, spicy dijon mustard, chicken broth, a raw onion and anything else that comes her way.  (She's also willing to eat sand, paper, or leaves.) Just don't feed it to her for dinner!  She likes to use her knife to help cut up vegetables beside me while I work.


Her brother makes her insane and she spends much of the day screaming in protest of him coming to close to her or taking her toy or taking over her activity.  There are a lot of crocodile tears and there are a good number of real ones since her brother can be pretty crazy and rough in the late afternoon.  Of course she asks for him the minute he's gone.  Lately she loves being a lion or being chased by a lion.  A 2.5 year olds ferocious roar is pretty darn precious!  She has started speaking some sentences in Spanish.  She loves to sing and if her brother isn't around, you'll hear her quietly singing either a made up song or real one as she plays or rides in the car seat or walks to the park.  







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