A creative, visionary. So LOUD all the time. Loves making spotify playlists and coming up with dance routines. Loves projects. Loves history, culture and facts. Wants to travel the world and has endless curiosity for different countries. Is improving at soccer. Is a planner. Always wants to know the schedule and get promises from us of what will happen when. Extroverted. Wants someone over for dinner every night. Has the quickest, squinty-eyed smile that he uses for the smallest to the biggest things. A little bossy with how things should be. More questioning of us and pushes when he thinks he is "more right." Finally abandoned his thumb during daytime hours and wears a sock at night to make sure it doesn't secretly slip in his mouth. Likes to cook and talk about food. Likes to watch soccer or Formula 1 with his dad. Struggles with math and gets frustrated with himself when it doesn't come easily. Has desired a 4 on all his projects this year and has done the work himself to receive that highest mark on all his projects. Invites Eden into anything he is doing because he always wants companionship. Has a heart full of compassion. Has a strong desire to do what is right. Has a strong desire to sacrifice himself for someone else who is hurting. 




A birthday dinner with the Passmores at CCI food court ... chicken fingers and a double scoop!!



Birthday morning pancakes



Birthday cupcake


Celebrating with Living and Learning at Chapel dinner.


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