We just threw the easiest birthday party for Canaan! Per usual he had a million creative ideas and we end up reigning him in quite a bit but in the end we landed on a nerf party. The only real prep was to make sure we had enough nerf guns and then set a simple field in the backyard. We had even girls and boys so they played against each other. Nate reffed and they spent almost two hours shooting at each other. It was fun to see the personalities, from one boy who hid on base the whole time (kept his lives but didn't help his team at all), to the one who squabbled over fairness the whole time, to one who just giggles and shows zero signs of competitiveness, to Eden who died a lot and killed a lot because she wasn't afraid to rush into the action with the older kids. 

After the wars there was some indoor target practice and then we ended with a mystery dinner. This was a childhood favorite of mine where you give the foods and utensils code names and then the kids order their food in 3 courses. One kid unexpectedly ordered his fork, knife, and spoon as an entire course so he had no utensils on other courses. Most didn't have any spoon or fork to eat their jello with ... and of course this was permission to use fingers and laugh hilariously at each other. Canaan has great friends and we loved seeing how kind they all are and how much they love him. We loved seeing how inclusive he was of Eden.

One thing that I absolutely cherish about Canaan is how excited he can get over the simplest things. He has grand visions and then when we pull it down to the practical, he is equally excited and delighted. He loved his cake decorations, squealed over the back yard, spent hours making nerf battle posters in his room and thruout the next week declared over and over again that this was his "best party yet." (I think maybe he says that every year!) What a joy to do something special for a kid who is so grateful and delighted with it all. 









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