Canaan opted for multiple small celebrations over a big bash. We decorated the table for breakfast and he got crepes. He also had a doorway "trap" which he loves. I walked him to school alone since Eden was sick and took advantage of the sweet opportunity to have 20 minutes to speak into him all of the amazing things I see in him and the beautiful ways God has created him. We talked about the sweetness and kindness he offers everyone, about how he naturally includes and welcomes people, about how his joy brings joy to others, about his sensitive heart that cares for people and desires to do what is right.

We did monster cupcakes for his class and sang and celebrated together there. This was his first time being in charge of his own cupcake decorations and while I'm not sure how much some of them look like monsters, he loved the creativity and was really proud of his work so it was fun to do together. The afternoon of his birthday we didn't have specific plans but spontaneously met up with Pauli (his bday twin) at the park where they basked in the newly found sun (after months of rain) and played soccer with another girl and her teenage brothers. It was perfect, honestly. No stress, no big things to prep. Just me and my friend sitting on a hill in the warm grass where our kids enjoyed the simplicity of a ball, a dog, and friends. I love how much Canaan enjoys even the littlest things in life and finds happiness and delight everywhere. Eventually both of our husbands wandered over after work and we stayed on the hill til the sun started lowering and the chill set in.

On Wednesday, the day after his birthday, he was beyond excited to be celebrated by Living & Learning students at chapel since he has seen this happen for multiple students on birthdays. I made the dessert he requested for all 40 of us, Gooey Apple Cake, and he beamed from ear to ear standing on his chair as everyone sang. (No stage fright there!)

He was supposed to go with the Passmores to Mr. Joy for another celebration a couple days later but Eden still had a fever so we had to cancel. We ended up canceling another time as well because her fever came back about a week later. Canaan was so gracious with it and didn't pout or complain about the delay. He really wanted Eden there so he was willing wait. It did end up happening eventually and the kids played for an hour at Mr. Joy and then we all went to the food court and he got to pick wherever he wanted to eat, which he thought was super special since I rarely let them have fast food. Chicken fingers and fries for him, pan de yuca and yogurt for Eden.











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