Since we would be in Quito the whole summer, we thought it would be a good chance to sign the kids up for an extracurricular we don't have time for during the school year. Eden was adamant about starting ballet but it was harder to figure out what Canaan might want to do since he is not very into sports so far. When I saw the flyer for this 3-week music theater camp it seemed perfect. It was in Spanish, a major plus, and it involved rehearsing and putting on a show while learning music theory. He loved it and could have stayed in another few weeks!


I was really impressed with how much music theory they taught him in creative ways in that time period. He learned about intervals, rythmn, how to change a song to fit a new scale, major and minor keys, and a teeny bit of sight reading. I was proud of him for being the youngest in the group and making friends so easily. When I would drop him off or pick him up his friends would be so excited to see him or to tell me what he had done that day. I was most proud, though, of Canaan for learning 3 full musical songs, all in Spanish in three weeks. He practiced hard and is quick at memorization. The performance was a motley crew but of course adorable to watch.




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