Canaan has had quite a bit of transition this year. His teacher, Mrs. Quiroz started in the classroom 80% of the time because she was still on her lactation leave. She came back full-time around Christmas. Then Canaan's classroom aide was let go so they were given a new aide. (He loved Mr. Samuel, his new aid!) Because Mrs. Quiroz was pregnant again, she left a month early to give birth and Canaan finished his year with a student teacher from Germany, Ms. Steup. Fortunately he is a flexible little guy who didn't mind more adults to love.

Kindergarten graduation is a big deal in Ecuador so the school makes sure to mark this transition. We were invited to an award presentation where everyone brought potluck food, ate and each child received an award. Canaan's award was the "Best Story-Teller" award. I guess he is known for always have a long, detailed story to share with his classmates and teachers! He was proud. Then we went upstairs where the kids had prepared songs, followed by the handing out of their diplomas. 







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