This year we gave Canaan the option between a big party with lots of friends at the house or the choice of 4 friends to take to Mr. Joy's. Mr. Joy's is all he can talk about so it was an easy decision. It was also an EASY win for Nate and I. We did almost zero decoration or prep. Nate picked Canaan, Justin, Micah, Mari, and Anapaula up from school where Eden and I were waiting. The kids attacked the slides and guns and pulleys with gusto while Nate and I talked. (I have to say, not having parents you don't know at the party makes it so much more relaxed!) Canaan had conquered the big red slide at Pauli's bday and was proud to seem like "No big deal" with his friend Micah who is older and very competitive!

When the kids were worn out and tired, we packed into the car and headed to our house a few blocks away. We gave the kids homemade chicken nuggets and mac'n'cheese (Canaan's choice) and cake. It was funny that cultural difference because the North American kids were immediately excited, whereas the other kids asked if we were having "chicken and rice." They weren't sure about the mac'n'cheese but ended up loving it. We sang, Canaan blew out candles and shared his horse cake with his friends and then parents started coming to pick up their kids. Perfect. Justin's grandma came to get him and she had prepared piles of kim-bap to give to us as her present to Canaan. She barely speaks Spanish so I was relieved that we had communicated well enough for her to find our house!







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