We have a six year old in the house!! Incredible. 

Canaan, you continue to be creative and live life largely and loudly all the time. The teachers in rooms across the hall comment that they can hear your laugh above the rest. You embrace almost anything with gusto, whether it be a simple trip to the local park or a new person. You are really interested in languages, particularly Chinese, and enjoy learning about different types of people, cultures and countries. You are full on fascinated with reading. You still swing wildly when you are upset, from happy to downturned mouth in three seconds. But it never lasts long. You have become really responsible for yourself and Eden. You are almost always the first to give in to her wishes. You try to think about others and are happy to help with sweeping or washing dishes, which you are slowly learning. You LOVE people. You always have and you continue to accept anyone and everyone with open arms. You want someone over for dinner every night.


For your actual birthday you were greeted with a decorated door. It took you awhile to come out and you later explained that you expected to be woken up with the birthday song. (You are also super sentimental and have an incredible memory so throughout the day you continually reminded me of things we had done on past birthdays. I have to be careful what I incorporate each year because you remember and expect it! I also didn't decorate your chair since I'd done your door and apparently that is something you love.) Your breakfast request was crepes and then you went off to school. Dad, Eden and I joined you for snack time where your classmates sang to you and we passed out horse cupcakes and juice. (You picked out the cupcake decorations). After school we went straight to Pauli's birthday since it was her year to celebrate on the actual day. You were thrilled to celebrate with her at Mr. Joy and totally gracious about it being her day. At home we opened a few presents before bedtime.


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