Things like Grandparents Day are just a bit tricky for our family. Both our kid's schools do this and we tend to find ourselves scrambling for a "grandparent replacement." This year I asked Canaan who he thought he might want to do this day with him. After realizing that the Browns were in the US he immediately asked for Mr. Sean. I almost burst out laughing because Sean is a friend who is maybe 7 years older than us. He and Canaan haven't spent much time together except when we all play volleyball on Saturdays. Certainly not a grandparent! But I figured I'd give it an ask and Sean was game. We are lucky to have friends willing to fill in for these things and make our kids feel loved by so many. The kids sang songs for their grandparents and then decorated a cookie together. Since then Canaan will often refer to Sean as "Grandpa."


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