You were no less excited for the start of kindergarten than you were for preschool. You were confident and ready to walk down the hill with me each day. Your teacher is Mrs. Quiroz and your classroom is full of alligators. This year you've got some louder, older voices in your classroom who came from English-speaking homes so you have to fight a bit more for your voice to be heard. Your biggest excitements are about now being full day as you can't wait to eat lunch with your friends and take a nap (or not!) at school.


You still love horses and practicing letters. You fight wearing pants, preferring shorts and a t-shirt even on the rainiest of days if you could. It takes us twice as long to walk back from school because you are tired and don't like uphill. But you chatter, chatter, chatter about what happened in recess or what is math. And you love looking for punchbuggies. You love playing best with girls and swinging, though now you've branched out more as tag is your new favorite and the boys and girls like to play it together. You are silly and bright and have had a bit more trouble with your teacher for all that silliness. But you try hard every day and soak up something new and exciting each day ... like the life cycle of a chicken.


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