The Preschool International Food Fair has become a tradition at the AAI. It raises money for our sister school while involving parents and kids in coming together around various cultures. Some families get assigned their culture of origin while others are asked to learn about new cultures. Then each booth sets up and does a morning of mad scooping and feeding as kids come by with plates and pick out the various food samples they want to try. It's actually a really good deal and an event Nate was happy to help with as he mostly moved around the room and ate a full lunch worth of goodies. 


We were assigned to the US so in an effort to keep it simple on a day I also had to work, we stuck with the American tradition of caramel corn. Also featured at our booth were chocolate chip cookies and spaghetti and meatballs. We dressed as hippies and cowgirls/boys and had fun serving together. I learned a valuable lesson about Ecuadorian culture in that a 6 year old Ecuadorian kid would much rather eat cold spaghetti and meatballs than waste their ticket on something sweet like caramel corn. Definitely wouldn't be the case in the US. All the hot dishes were gone long before the sweets all around. I scored some sushi, an argentine choripan and a few other delights. Canaan loved passing out chocolate chip cookies to people and walking down the runway with his two fellow American buddies. This is also when Canaan started to become really obsessed with India, which he now talks about traveling to relentlessly (with a stop off at Nigeria on the way home.)






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