Being in preschool at AAI, Canaan was able to participate in his very first Spirit Week. Being the extroverted, up for anything little boy that he is, he loved it all! He really loved that he and I both got to dress in similar ways. There was crazy hair day, twin day, nerd day, team color day and more. He also really loved walking to school with his crazy hair because he got to much attention from passersby on the street. He often tells me that he loves when people laugh because of him. On the last day of Spirit Week there was a big team competition and he felt so special being on a team with the Seniors, which included Josiah who he idolizes and Miss Majo, his class T.A. He went up against all the elementary kids in the inner tubes and was down to the last two. He couldn't get knocked over because he is so short. With a mere 2 seconds to go, the bigger boy finally succeeded and he lost by a hair!







IMG_20150519_072604561_HDR IMG_20150519_072515606





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