Canaan started asking for a dinosaur party at least six months before his birthday. When I started poking around I discovered it was a fantastically easy theme to do. He and I had fun looking at pictures and planning what things he would like. It was a beautiful morning and with lots of prep ahead of time, things came together easily the day of. Canaan had a fantastic time with friends, running around in his dinosaur mask and more. He especially liked playing the Dinosaur Stomp (like musical chairs with dino feet). He was pink cheeked and smiling ear to ear and blowing out his candles was a highlight. I appreciated having a smaller crowd made up of people we know well and because of that we kept things informal. I also appreciated how our friends pitched in so quickly to clean up the party so we could get out to camping quickly. And a bonus was that it was one of the cheapest parties we've done with food being about the only real purchase other than a few decorations.


The kids colored dinosaur masks, cracked open dinosaur eggs, had a T-Rex toss, a Dinosaur Stomp, a Dinosaur Egg relay, a Dinosaur Egg hunt and then of course the pinata!



Smooth Operator



Cute Sammie



Sammie & Emily cracking open her dinosaur eggs. Canaan, Eden and I made these about a week before and it was great idea because it was a rainy day activity that the kids really enjoyed creating and then they were ready for another round of entertainment at the birthday party.




I didn't get pictures when all the food was out but we divided it into categories of Herbivore, Sweetivore, and Carnivore. We had Bronchiosaurus Burgers, Chorizo and Caramelized Onion dip (an adult favorite), veggies and onion dip, Hot Lava Juice, Dinosaur Dirt Dessert and more.



The T-Rex toss where kids fed him as much meat as possible.



These were classic dirt dessert, with plastic dinosaurs and candy eggs and gummy dinosaurs added. Lots of sweet treasures for the kids.



Cheeto girl. Always. A birthday requirement in Ecuador.



The youngest partier.



I love how simple but impactful the cake turned out. I spray painted some old dinosaurs with white spray paint, did a super rich chocolate frosting and then used chocolate covered raisins. The ROAR sign was so simple to make ahead.









"Que muerde el pastel!"



Sweet Damari




Dino masks ready to be decorated.



A dino party parting gift. Sugar cookies with dinosaur footprints in them.






The dino egg hunt. I filled old plastic Easter eggs with dinosaur gummies and plastic mini dinosaurs.




0 #1 Emily 2015-07-06 03:31
Cool party! Love the John Deere shirt. ;)
I want that cake. The first picture of Canaan is so cute. Sounds like a good time!

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