Canaan had his Christmas program with the Early Childhood program. Kinder and pre-k have been practicing all year for this and our little guy comes home singing both his songs and the kinder songs. He was beyond excited to perform and very proud of his part in it all. Eden threw an absolute sob-fest the morning of his program because she wanted to go so bad. But she had her own upcoming program to practice for. Canaan was all smiles and performance and surprised me with how on beat he was when they did a little performance with drum sticks. Don't know where that talent came from because it certainly isn't from the Jordan gene pool. Afterward there was hot chocolate and cookies for the families. One of Canaan's friends was quite upset as her parents had not made it to the program. Canaan was so tender with her, giving her hugs, so she joined our family for the mingle time.




















0 #1 Emily Runyan 2015-01-03 21:48
I just died (no, Nate--I didn't ACTUALLY die). I really like his outfit and that he is the sweetest boy ever. Love that he was looking out for his friends.

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