At four we took the safety lock off of Canaan's door and he now has the freedom to come and go from his room.  This led to some really short naps which led to some further training on his new freedoms.  But we've got it down pretty good now.  He wakes up around 5:45 and quietly goes downstairs by himself.  He colors or plays out at his yellow table until the rest of us emerge from getting ready, around 7am.  If he wakes from his nap and Eden is still asleep, he also knows that is time for quiet play and finds something to do.  


He recently spent 2 weeks sleeping with Eden in his room and he is adamant that he never wants to do that again because, "I was SO tired.  She kept waking me up."  Yes, yes she did.  4:45 being the earliest morning.  


He still loves his friend Pauli and being at preschool.  He loves coming home with new songs or sayings and is currently quite concerned, based on a recent school puppet show, about all the sea animals being affected by people throwing garbage around.  He thinks a trip to the beach to check things out might solve this.  He is demonstrating a beinning understanding of caring for others.  Recently he had a special day at school where the kids were given tokes to buy stuff.  He used one of his tokens to buy a popsicle for his mom and asked them to save it for me when I came to pick it up.  Then he used his very last token to buy a popsicle for one of the preschool administrators because he asked if she got any tokens and she said no.


He has also gotten in to making his bed and even cleaning up his toys before Lourdes comes "so she won't have to."  He helps set the table and carries his plate and cup to the sink afterward.  He brushes his teeth (not well) and likes to help put Eden to bed.  He will pick out his clothes and dress himself on a good day, just needing help with that final snap on his pants.  He loves singing "Let it Go" even though he's never seen Frozen.  When he might see it is a frequent conversation.  


He also constantly tries our patience with whining, growls and grunts when we tell him no.  He turns absolutely crazy around 5:30 or 6 every day and we have an hour of what feels like uncontrollable gibberish, running around, bugging his sister and an inability to make good decisions.  And then at 7 when we turn out Eden's light and shut the door he comes downstairs a perfectly calm boy and sets to work on a quiet puzzle or picture.





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